why can't I get localizationtion to work?

I'm tearing my hair out here the svn translation file for swedish is refusing to work. Steps I took: cd languages mkdir sv_SE mkdir sv_SE/LC_MESSAGES cd sv_SE/LC_MESSAGES wget …

Concrete Danish / Dansk

A patched with 100% danish translation from install and danish TinyMCE included is available at --- En dansk version af Concrete kan hentes p Filen er patched med dansk, ..…


Hello! Started working on Finnish Translation, should be ready tomorrow or soon. Have to do testing and adjust words before posting the final version. Best Regards, Aleksi

Addon (package, block..) and translation

Hi, Is it possible or planed to translate addons like blocks or packages ? I can't think any way to do that without modify the unique po file... and it doesn't seem very nice.

Content with Greek characters

I am planning a multilingual site where Greek is one of the languages. I really prefer Concrete5 for CMS, but is it capable of displaying written content in Greek? It appears that Concrete5 only supports UTF-8, which does not contain Greek characters.…

Danish message.po brakes Javascript in, why?

Hi, I have just finished the danish translation for Concrete 5.3.1. I did a clean install, everything works fine. When I add "define('LOCALE', 'da_DK');" in /config/site.php, my testsite is Danish, but now javascript is broken. I can't add/edit a block…

Slovenian translation

I've translated latest version of Concrete to Slovenian language. Language code is: sl_SI

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