language pack distribution

I just realized that a lot of people get confused about .po and .mo. Why are you shipping the languages packs with po files?

Special characters in RSS feed

Hi. I have an issue with the RSS feed. My database is in utf-8 and meta also. But my rss feed can't display the swedish å ä ö characters. Instead of "igår" I get "igÃ¥r". I also tried to set the table in utf-8 and even inside btrssdisplay ...

Problem after installing a translation

Hey. I downloaded the Swedish translation here in the forums and did the steps. Defined the language and stuff. It show the translation perfect on the site but now I can't click on any block. The "edit" box is completely dead. If I co…

spanish problem

I've completed the installation and everything perfect except for the searches. Is unable to find text with accents, I said the word does not exist and makes me in a box form the letter "A" "Ã ¡". My BD is in "Spanish (es-utf-8)" and "utf8_general_ci"..…


I would like to translate C5 to Greek. How should I to get started?

doing something wrong???

I did everyting in the readme file. Even deleted everything in the files/cache directory and restarted apache. The only thing i might have done wrong is that i RENAMED messages.po to I can't seem to get the dutch language file working. Anybod…

[To the french people - poll] - Sondage en français

Vous trouverez sur le site de C5 en français un sondage sur l'aspect multilingue de Concrete5. Vous êtes invités à y participer en grand nombre. Si ça vous intéresse, voici l'adresse url:

Multilanguage support on one site

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but does C5 support multiple languages for one site. I have seen sites have an icon for say English/SPanish/French, etc that when you select it, it changes the language that is being displayed on the site?

non-ASCII characters in UTF-8

varibles from phpmyadmin show variables like 'character%'; character_set_client utf8 character_set_connection utf8 character_set_database utf8 character_set_filesystem binary character_set_results utf8 character_set_server latin1 charac…

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