[To the french people - poll] - Sondage en français

Vous trouverez sur le site de C5 en français un sondage sur l'aspect multilingue de Concrete5. Vous êtes invités à y participer en grand nombre. Si ça vous intéresse, voici l'adresse url:

Multilanguage support on one site

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but does C5 support multiple languages for one site. I have seen sites have an icon for say English/SPanish/French, etc that when you select it, it changes the language that is being displayed on the site?

non-ASCII characters in UTF-8

varibles from phpmyadmin show variables like 'character%'; character_set_client utf8 character_set_connection utf8 character_set_database utf8 character_set_filesystem binary character_set_results utf8 character_set_server latin1 charac…


Slovenčinu mám skoro kompletnú a používam ju. Bol by som rád ak by sa našiel niekto, kto by opravil chyby. Preklad som robil tak, že neviem skoro vôbec anglicky, len s pomocou slovníka. :-) kontakt - skunco(zavináč)

5.2 translation files?

Hello. I would like to start a new translation. However, the files provided in the HOWTO are for 5.1.

RTL support?

Is there a RTL solution for languages such as Hebrew or Arabic? (entire page layout, text editor, text areas etc..) Thanks


Hi, I am starting a translation into spanish. Hopefully it's universal spanish, but might turn out to be es_mx :) I'll post something as soon as it's worth it

Translation Requests for 5.2

Thanks to everyone who's worked on translating C5. We've got three translations currently hosted at SourceForge for 5.1.1: Danish, German and French. We'd like to add more. I've just updated SourceForge with our latest release candidate for 5.2. It's n…

Maldivian Translation

I have recently discovered C5 and have started to built one with help from a friend. I understand the team is working to accomomdate multi-lingual. I was wondering if there would be any one out there who could help us to incoporate Divehi language (Maldiv…

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