2 Blocks needed for Website!

2 different Concrete5 blocks are needed to read excel spreadsheets.

I have a telecommunications business and need 2 different concrete5 blocks made to compliment my website.

1 - I have a spreadsheet of phone numbers. I need a block that has a search bar the customer can put their phone number in and it'll search to see if it's eligible for the next task.

Here's an example: Look to the middle right of the screen (see if customer can keep their phone number)

2 - I have a spreadsheet of calling codes and rates. I need a block that has a search bar/dropdown menu where the customer look up a country and the calling rates will appear for that country.

Here's an example:http://www.vonage.ca/calling-plans/international-rates/?countrySele...http://www.vonage.ca/calling-plans/...

The spreadsheet that it reads has a country code, country and call rate. There will be multiple rates for each country.

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