5.7 Map Add-on Clean up

I need an experienced developer who has multiple marketplace add-ons that can review a map package that I had developed and clean it up to make it production ready. It is an Google ajax map that retrieves locations from a database frequently. The map functionality needs to be cleaned up for security concerns and speed to be able to handle thousands of users simultaneously. Then the entire package needs to be cleaned up to properly integrate with C5 once installed hence the need to have experience developing 5.7 add-ons for C5.

If you don't have the experience please don't contact me with your I can do it attitude. I need real experience. This should hopefully be a quick turn around project of 1 week or less as it is just clean up not raw development. The add-on technically functions right now, but needs clean up on the back end.

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
I've got "multiple" marketplace Add-Ons and am in the PRB anyways (where your Add-On will go in after submitting to the marketplace). Feel free to contact me on Slack or shoot an email.

Did you test in version 8.x too?
Lisa03 replied on at Permalink Reply
Please check PM,