90% done, need help with last 10%

I would like to have the following done on the existing webpage thats allready been implemented with concrete5.

1. Configuration with ssl certificate, we allready have a star certificate to use for this purpose. Ive added a addon where we can enable ssl for wich pages that need it enabled. But it gives an error in IE10 saying only secure content is showing and then the ssl status is missing in titlebar.

2. Make this work revolution sliderhttp://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-concrete5-a... so that it doesnt conflict with responsive menu and so that menu works 100% in iphone/ipad when this responsive slider is used. We need several examples to work with.

3. Make this work and configured, to show slideshow of clientshttp://codecanyon.net/item/showbiz-pro-responsive-teaser-concrete5-... I have example of what I want it to look like shown at this url.http://www.youjoomla.com/demos/?templates=youvida... below where it says Clients this should be available through Showbiz. We need several examples to work with.

4. Overall walkover of the webpage so that its configured 100% optimal and tuned for speed.

5. It should all work 100% responsive in iphone/ipad

Looking forward getting some replies ;-)

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5fly replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi - If you want to get in touch and provide some URLs, designs etc we'd happily take a look for you.