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I've been working in communications for 20 years so I have a lot of experience to speak from. I sincerely want to help some of you out there with some advice based on what I've seen in this community. I posted an opening for my company a few weeks back, which is looking to enter into contract with a C5 developer. I asked for only two things: for interested candidates to DM me their names and email address. I got lots of responses but *LESS THAN HALF* followed my instruction to send me their email address.

1) When a company asks for something as simple as an email address and you fail to provide it, it shows that you can't even follow simple instructions which kills your chances of being hired.

2) Whether I had asked for it or not, to not make it easy for a potential employer to contact you shows a lack of thought. The candidate I thought looked best based on their work provided no way for my employer to contact them. It's an unnecessary obstacle that an employer doesn't have time to deal with. (One person didn't provide an email address which shows inability to follow instructions, but at least they provided a phone number so we could call them.)

Not tying to me mean. Just some friendly advice.

P.S. All but one candidate provided me with their Skype handle. What's up with that? I assure you that real world businesses outside the tech sector do not use Skype like it was just a simple phone call. (Maybe for a formal 2nd interview, maybe.)

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That's great advice and although it may seems like you're preaching the obvious, I totally agree with you. The situation you are describing happens often and although I'm aware of it and I know I should make it easy for potential customers to contact me, it happened a few times that I had to send a second message because I forgot to include my email in the first one.

Frankly I suggest to use a contact info footer and copy paste it in all messages we send.

Thanks again