Collaborate with expert (YOU) in return for good VPS hosting (ME).

Hi All,

Throwing an idea out to you...

Having suffered with speed issues on shared hosting for way more than a year I have bitten the bullet and I now have a VPS with A2 Hosting including Litespeed, LScache and Cloudflare.

I'm delighted with this Managed VPS setup which has transformed the speed of my sites (I admit they aren't hugely optimised). A2 Hosting have been amazing with support.

I run my site as a hobby but it is important to me and I want it to be first class with great performance. I also run a few very small sites for others. I am extremely busy in my day job, so I don't get the time I would like to do the usual maintenance etc. When I get some spare time I just want to work on the content of my site and my music.

I have an idea to collaborate with someone who is an expert in Concrete5, server configuration and PHP. A Concrete5 fan!

So, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with me. In return you will have access to the VPS for your own site(s) with the proviso that they won't hugely impact mine. The cost of the VPS is around $90 per month including taxes, so you would get a great setup. I'll also upgrade it in the future if necessary and buy any software etc we need.

In return, what I'm looking for you to do is:

Develop a Concrete5 (for 5.6 as a minimum) Add-on to support LScache. See also my post -

We would release the Add-on to the marketplace if possible so that other people could benefit. We'll let Litespeed and A2 Hosting know about it too. Paid or free to be discussed.

Carry out regular maintenance or whatever is needed on the VPS, to keep things nice and speedy, benefits both of us.

Over a period, take a careful look at how my sites are set up, advise on settings to improve things etc.

Help me out when I want to add features to my site from time to time.

Someone who genuinely wants to collaborate on making our sites run smoothly and quickly, knows C5 well, understands DNS, mailservers etc. Preferably understands JTF's Add-ons such as Magic Data, Black Magic Data etc.

No big pressure or short deadlines. I'm not in a hurry and I'm not going to suck all of your time but want to find the right person who is trustworthy (important because you'll have full access to my VPS) and has the right level of expertise. Expect an email once a month and a few back and forth to see how we're doing.

Please forgive me but I'm not going to be able to answer all responses immediately due to my extremely heavy workload in my day job at present. Don't go into massive detail because I don't want to waste your time, just PM me to say you're interested and I'll take a look at your profile as soon as I possibly can. I will respond to everyone in due course even if it is just to thank you but it could be a week before I get chance.

Respond by PM if you're interested.

Many thanks,

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jnan replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Mike,
Please check your PM.
Hoping for prompt response.

Anna J