Complete my Flexible Address attribute

I've attempted to create a custom attribute for 8.1 with 5 simple text fields and a country drop down.

So far I can't get past various class issues to make it work.

Package is attached.

Please let me know how much you'd charge to make it work properly.

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ld13 replied on at Permalink Reply
Not sure what you need...are you having a functionality issue or a styling issue? do you have a url where we can see the current form you created live?
katalysis replied on at Permalink Reply
Code so far is attached.

It seems to install but probably not completely and when attaching it to a Member it gives errors.

STyling etc. all fine - it needs someone who properly understands classes to make it work.
Frank27 replied on at Permalink Reply

Please join me on Skype: cis,am3. So that we can have a discussion on your requirement
as i can surely assist you with the solution for this.

Looking for your response

Thanks & regards
Frank Jones
SnefIT replied on at Permalink Reply

Trying to do the same thing and also having problems with classes. See:

I think it has to do with the @ORM\Entity stuff. When using \Entity instead, it is recognized as an entity, but the mapped superclass isn't used (missing an ID field).

Please let me knof if you get this working! I'll try your code later today.