Concrete to CRM Developer

Hi i'm looking for someone that can help me to connect concrete 5 to infusionsoft CRM through their API and the core commerce add on to - pass tags - product data - subscription levels and login details ect.

I have similar thing already built but is hooked to Sugar CRM which could be a good starting point

If you're interested in this please PM me.

Cheers, Matt

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goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Matt look who resurfaced? Is this a real job with a real budget or more like your last one where you went disappeared the moment money was involved?
Matteld80 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Joel

Sorry I never responded to you sooner. I run a very busy company and receive over a 100 emails a day and have a lot of projects/things going on so I do forget to reply to messages from time to time when other things need my attention. The project I spoke to you about is still a goer but its not a priority because its not a client sanctioned project. This was something I planned to come back to you on in the next few weeks. I've just checked my emails and you produced the mock ups on your own back I never sanctioned any work.

I've also for the record contributed a hell of a lot in time, money and paid jobs through the c5 community so thanks for the pleasant message and even nicer personal email you sent me.

Hope you don't fall off that really big horse your sat on.

goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't worry Matt if your project is real and you have a budget others will still be interested no matter what I say about it.

The horse I rode in on actually bolted off and started going around pitching ideas to other horses, but he came back with a sack full of quotes so that is useful.
goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey where is mhawke to complain this is too much realism and conflict in the jobs board?
mhawke replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Please leave me out of your fights. I don't have the time to testify in court someday when someone gets sued for defamation.
tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
mhawke has the best answer. Maybe you guys could move the battle to Reddit or something.
pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
ditto, this is really tiresome, take it someplace else please
goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
That's so negative calling a discussion a fight when it is just business discussions on a forum. Do you even understand what defamation is from a legal perspective? You always take things to their most negative point. Now do you think that's because reality is as bad as you describe it, or because your brain is tilted toward complaining and negativity? You know in both this discussion with Matt and the other one with Brad, I may take issue with some aspects of how those guys do business but I still respect them to some degree and after discussing issues with them guess what we often reach some common ground. But then you usually show up and make a federal case about it because we've violated your fake polite way of doing business.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
I am dangerously close to simply turning the job board off kids.

Just post jobs, answer them with bids, and get back to work. Chit-chat
belongs in the chit-chat forum, if anywhere.

best wishes

Franz Maruna
CEO - PortlandLabs Inc
Matteld80 replied on at Permalink Reply
Matteld80 is the company I run, we're the design arm of one of the UK's biggest marketing organistations. Melt is my personal site I've just never got round to setting up due to being so busy building other peoples sites. The Last developer we worked with has received over 20k from us so far, we're now looking for someone else due to the work load. Also please feel free to look at the amount of projects we have hooked to the community, I'm pretty sure our add on contributions are pretty high. I guess you wouldn't know that because you can't see my private messages, elancer, pph or odesk accounts.

If you'd simply asked me if I'd received your emails on this post rather then this attack we may be having a much different conversation by now.

Bit of FREE advice don't get so bitter if you don't always get the jobs you quote for. Clients do shop around and choose other people from time to time. They also don't always reply to your proposals either. It happens to us too.. kinda comes with the job!
goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
After 12-years of writing quotes we have a pretty good idea what % we will win and it doesn't vary because of 1 quote. But I want the number of times we have zero response after writing a quote to be 0%. When a buyer takes the time for an evaluation and quote and provides no response after that is very disrespectful. It's a matter of common courtesy. And I practice that as a buyer, if a seller quotes on one of GoldHat's job's I have to be responsive in giving them feedback and/or a decision because that's what my business is about. If we can't be responsive in that situation... can we call ourselves responsive because we respond quickly to customers? What kind of double standard is that? Also I've found that company's that are unresponsive with contractors or partners, they treat their customers poorly as well. Their poor discipline leaks over from one side of the business to the other.

If you think dealing with people who lack basic business courtesy is part of the job then I'm sorry you've had that experience. It has not been my experience, that's why I pointed it out to you because for us this happens maybe 4 times a year out of over 1,000 quotes.