Concrete5 & Magento Integration

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Exactly what the Subject Says,
I would like to find a developer that is experienced enough to integrate magento and concrete5 for my ecommerce site.
the method you use is irrelevant to me as long as the end product works and is as seamless as possible.

script, API, other.. I don't care, when you have completed the job I may request more details.

this has not been done so far from what I can find. there is much developer information on the magento site about integration with wordpress, joomla, druopal, EE, etc..
So whoever completes this job wont just be helping me but making a large improvement to concrete5

a few things id like to see:
One login for both magento and C5 (when one logins in so does the other)
Shopping cart is readily available on concrete5 side of things, displaying # of Products in Cart as well as cart total.
Most anything ecommerce related will be handled by magento and most content by C5. there will be cross Selling on the C5 side if additional code is needed for that than that should be included too.

the more integration the better, I have no problem providing the documentation that I have already found.

the current set up I have decided on is (magento)

if you have a better idea please feel free to suggest it, the more creative thinking the better.

Price: is completely negotiable, I am not by any means a coder (I have done some but this is beyond me) so I do not expect to know what your time is worth, so I expect any serious responses to be able to give me a price quote, if I can afford you we will discuss further.
I will respond to each PM or post no matter your price or skill level, I do expect everyone that responds to be professional and perform as such.

thank you for your time,
Austin Lamb

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goldhat replied on at Permalink Reply
It's a good idea, Magento is popular. Right now in the marketplace there is a package for Shopify API. I tried it, it's okay but nothing too special. The idea with that is similar to what your suggesting here you setup a subdomain and that's your Shopify site, and then in your C5 site you can have lists of products. But that was the extent of the "integration" really was products.

So the fundamentals for planning this would be products and shopping cart.

1) A C5 block to display 1 product (all the details)
2) A C5 block to display a list of products from a category, tagged etc.)
3) Single user login, user logged into Magento or C5 also logged into other system.
4) A shopping cart block that pulls the current shopping cart data for the user if logged in, or link to Magento shopping cart if not logged in.

Other things that could be added that to me seem like nice-to-haves but could be left for future upgrades of it:

1) Pull the users order history into C5 or subset of it with link to Magento for full view.
2) Add to cart button for products displayed in C5, it adds item to Magento without leaving C5 until checkout.
3) Syncing of user data? Some kind of mechanism to sync the users from Magento into C5 or vice versa. Alternatively find a way to sort of eliminate Magento storage of users so that Magento pulls user data from C5 directly.

This is a big project by any means. Solving the fundamental issue that C5 and Magento each have their own "users" and either syncing them or making a single point of storage, that is a large challenge.

If it helps you to appreciate the cost of something like this I'd estimate around 300-500 hours depending how far you went in terms of possible features. So that would be 15-25K at a rate of $50/hour. And that's perhaps one of the reasons this hasn't been done. It's a nice idea but it has to be worth it for a large enough market and I'm not sure how often the C5/Magento combination is needed. Would it be a more common option if it was available... sure, maybe. But how much would people be willing to pay if this were in the marketplace with a fee? Maybe $75? So it would take 266 sales at that rate to reach $20,000 in revenue. And then with 266 customers to support there are costs to that as well, and some expectation that you'll keep building new features.
manup replied on at Permalink Reply
Please watch this Discussion Please watch this discussion :

*******EVERYTHING IS SOLVED*********
mrjcgoodwin replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, I'm interested to here how this all panned out but this link is dead...
manup replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry for that

Here is what you are looking for

For Demo U/N: demo P/W: Demo001
mrjcgoodwin replied on at Permalink Reply
Super thanks - will check it out.

Can this product sync user data between the shop and C5 elements of the site to create a single sign on environment?
manup replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, this is not a Concrete5, We just use the logic of Concrete5 and implemented as a CMS Solution plugin/extension for Magentocommerce.

As usual a normal Concrete5 coder can build Magento site as easy as Concrete5, for example Custom Block types, Dashboard Packages, etc....

As you know the concept of Concrete5 and its file structure is awesome and we simply use that logic in here.

Have a look at
mrjcgoodwin replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok I understand - still an interesting concept and will take a look. :-)
pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have an example of a Concrete5 site integrated with Magento? What you are showing us just looks a Magento site to me, it's not very convincing that you have a solution for C5.
razorcommerce replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not convinced either, but I'm also rather in favor of Razor Commerce a fully-integrated and free eCommerce suite for C5.7
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Where might we find razorcommerce for download?
razorcommerce replied on at Permalink Reply
May 1st is our beta launch it will be on GitHub and linked from the Razor Commerce site. Check back to for the link or send us a message here. We also have demo site(s) for playing around in the current one is front-end only... we are working on 2 more demos with logins which will be linked from
manup replied on at Permalink Reply
Please watch this video carefully,

After that

Take a demo Here u/n: demo p/w: Demo001

Once logged in go to home page and play around
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
But everything you add/change with/on blocks will be live edits? No versioning at all right? No saving/publishing, so clients can see "draft" work?

I do like the concept of such a tool for Magento, as the system is quite powerfull, but it needs a lot of extra features in my eyes for me to use it. I'd like to see some live sites too where you can point out the usage of Mage5.
manup replied on at Permalink Reply
We are planning to include that feature in next version, don't worry

But its not page versions, it will be Block view version, Because Magento has three Collections (Category Page, Product Page, CMS Page).

And there will be a Dashboard Module for Managing these. is itself made with Mage5 Framework. And Sorry I ca't provide my clients website