Concrete5 Form Data to Microsoft Access Database

Is it possible to submit data from a form in c5 to a Microsoft Access database? We have a client that is requesting this functionality on their existing site, but I'm really not sure it's possible or where to begin.

If it is, this is certainly over my head and we will need help. Please let me know - Thanks!

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VPenkov replied on at Permalink Reply
Should be simple enough with PDO but it requires some custom work.
If you have a PHP developer, show them this:
tabercreative replied on at Permalink Reply
Good to hear it might be possible. Just to be clear, this is an open request. We have budget and will need an estimate for client approval.
VPenkov replied on at Permalink Reply
Right. has a job board actually:
Other than that, you can drop me a PM with your email and/or Skype, and we'll get in touch.

Edit: oh, I didn't realize the forum shows the job board as well, sorry about that.
antonio19k replied on at Permalink Reply

We have good experience in export to Access and any other db's from C5 or any other PHP native code. Please send me PM for further info.