Concrete5.7 | experienced developer for post build theme review / fix

We paid a developer to build the client's site in 5.7. The issue is that we are unable to edit the site in the dashboard environment, the primary way to make edits is through the </> html edit feature (attached image). The menu interrupts the dashboard menu but we were told that is part of concrete (image attached). We were told that it's the 'new 5.7 environment and it's buggy' but we've built a microsite using a different developer and it's fine. We were also billed 10 hours to implement problog but doesn't seem to be working.

Project / Job Info:

Here's what we need:
Check code on dev site
check jQuery menu customization bugs
Review Dashboard experience
Check that templates are built correctly and addons are working
Make it work so the client can edit

This is a paid job, please submit projects, roles and experience. Unfortunately, no off shore developers will be considered.

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2deez replied on at Permalink Reply
You should find a developer that only wants to be paid when its completed and functioning.
studiotwentytwo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, @2deez but we're the client and know zilch about that stuff. The site needs an overhaul before it's even launched! I appreciate your feedback.
2deez replied on at Permalink Reply
No Prob.
If you still are unable to edit the site because of this issue I would be willing to help you. I've been there.
I have experience with Concrete5 development and don't mind helping with small tasks.
From my experience with this same issue I think I would only need to change one line of code in your footer file of the theme.
pixelmargin replied on at Permalink Reply
Please see my private message.

Thank you
Pixelmargin Software Pvt Ltd
edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you talk to your hosting company? As mentioned when I looked at your site, although it is not well developed but you have huge delays on your server.

During off peak time I can edit your site all ok, but as the server is over loaded it fails.

Redeveloping your site without a new hosting package is a waste of time and money.