Contractor need to update versions, troubleshoot, etc

We had a website built several years ago in C5 (it's fairly basic - no eCommerce or user accounts or anything), and the developer scared me out of updating versions of PHP and C5 saying things might break. Not sure how true that is, but I didn't want to be the guy to break the company website! I can stumble my way through a bit of HTML or CSS, but I'm certainly no web developer!

Our website is hosted on a BlueHost shared server.
PHP version: 5.4.45
Concrete5 version:

Yesterday I was rearranging things on our product page, and I used the 'Add a Layout' command to make a column to put a picture next to some text. I saved the layout as a preset so I could use it again, but I didn't like it, so I deleted the preset to try again. When I attempted to add a layout again, the page basically froze. I refreshed, and I was given an error 'Allowed memory size (256mb) has been exhausted'.
There's no option to increase RAM on our shared server, so I simply rolled the pages back to yesterday's status. I was able to view the pages again, but the 'Add a Layout' command still results in a freeze.
Also, I am now getting intermittent '500 internal server errors' when attempting to view pages. I've contacted BlueHost, and they say everything is fine on their end, but our old version of PHP could be contributing to this.

Basically, I'm in over my head and would like to work with someone to figure out what is going on here so that I can avoid whatever mistakes I have made in the future.

This would basically be a one time deal. Maybe I'll mess things up again in the future, but I'm not trying to sell this as 'possibility of future work' or some such. Let me know if you want more information, what your rates would be, etc.

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Hello please add me on skype. My name there is bitterdev
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Hi if you find solution please do share for community. Same i had with latest c5 build. Doubt its a bug as i couldn't run it locally too. 500 error happens only with layout edit and content block additions.
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