Custom Block Needed

Hi All,

I have a custom block I'm needing. Please review these notes and reply with answers to these questions in the same format (to make the decision easier on who I'll move forward with).

I need a custom header block. This will include an easy way to add a video file for the header, add headline text, select a stack (which will display SVG logos), and a custom button (with editable text and destination). Additionally, a way to upload a static image that will replace video on mobile with the image.


- Video File (Selection from File Manager)
- Logo Selection (It'll have an optional field to display a logo. I do not want this to be an image selection, I need it to pull from a selected Stack because we have a stack of SVG logos)
- Headline Field (a one-line text field)
- Button Field (Ability to change button text as destination of link)

Plus a mobile section

- Mobile Header Image (this will replace the video on mobile)


- Need HTML that will include the video and other fields on tablet/desktop and the static image on mobile. But, I don't want the video file to be generated at all on mobile (I don't want it to load), so I'll want that programmatically taken care of.

Looking to have this completed no later than Wednesday, July 19th.

Looking for someone who can knock this out in a couple of hours. Looking to pay something reasonable but not expecting to pay a large fee.

Based on past experiences working with the Job Board, it's easiest for me to review in a standard format. Please send a private message with this information:

1. How Long have you worked with c5?
2. Do you have an example of the backend format of a block form you've created (looking to see how you structure the visual user interface?
3. How much would you charge?
4. Did you read this whole message?
5. Can you meet the deadline?

Please note: I have a few other items too that I'll need so please consider this when sending a message. Also - if I don't receive the 5 answers to questions above, I'm not going to review the notes.

Thanks for your help!

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victorcis replied on at Permalink Reply

PM Sent

Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
"Looking for someone who can knock this out in a couple of hours. "

Good luck with that!
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
"Looking for someone who can knock this out in a couple of hours. "

I can knock it out in a few hours, but i charge £1000 an hour, lol

I think you kneed to be more realistic. What you are asking isn't a few hours work.
DaveLorry replied on at Permalink Reply
Please contcat me on my id [email protected]
chrisb replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for the many submissions to assist in creating this custom block. I've found a developer who has taken this on (and already flipped a first round preview).

I appreciate all of the feedback I've received.