Custom Block needed for using two values to calculate cost

Hello c5 developers,

I would like to have a block on my page that will do this:

Someone puts in a number of contacts and a number of emails sent per month

The calculator now validates these two numbers against some rules:
Company A charges $AA for up to BB subscribers, number of emails doesn't matter
Company B charges $CC for up to DD subscribers for up to EE Emails
Company C charges $FF for GG number of emails sent, number of subscribers doesn't matter

The output should be a table that tells the visitor exactly how much each company will charge him for his two input values.

On the backend, I should be able to add new companies and rules from a dashboard
and of course to change rules whenever necessary

If the front end is just html code I input into an html block, that's fine with me

I just want to be completely sure it works in c5 - preferably in both 5.6. and 5.7 (5.8) and throws no errors - for instance if there is a theme with js (I have one theme currently running on a page that interferes with some blocks)

Please hit me up with your proposals :-)


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jsantaga replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Heidi, Just shot you a PM
C5devScott replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Heidi,

Thank you for sharing the details.
I have processed them with my team and soon i will send you updates on your email.

Scott Walter
rritz replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks to everyone who sent me a pm so far!

Got a lot of them .. so now have to read and evaluate and answer questions - please be patient while I deal with everyone's message in turn.