Customizing C5 for shared hosting

I'd like to build C5 to provide the following:
1. One Concrete5 installation for multiple users, domains, folders .. etc
2. Allow registered users to build their website and have their files hosted within Concrete5
3. Allow regsitered users to Customize and use their own theme
4. Map their subfolder to a domain, e.g. would map to
5. Allow certain theme use based on purchase or permission. For example, a subscriber's theme should only be used by the subscriber himself.
6. User files accessible only by the user himself
7. Site map access is based on the user folder structure
8. Allow subscribers - through Concrete5 - to create, edit and reset passwords of his domain emails, through cPanel integration.

Note: No design or graphic work is required. We'll handle all of this.

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imJack replied on at Permalink Reply
So what exactly are you looking for? Guidance? Someone to Build this for you?
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I need someone to build it.
Do you need any more details or you can provide me with a timeframe and cost?
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi. Thanks to everyone who contacted me regarding this post.
I guess I didn't really realize it's this complicated, untill I regreshed my C5 knowledge and went through what needs to be done, compared to what's already there in C5.
So, I'm just re-assessing the job needed and will hopefully either updated here, or just contact one of the great people who PM'ed me.
Thanks again!