Display Price and Availability on Concrete5 Site Using Amazon Product Advertising API

We are nearing the final stages of launching our new Concrete5 site. Before we launch, we would like a Concrete5 add-on or html widget created to display Amazon product pricing and availability using the Amazon Product Advertising API. This would be similar to how Canapy.co displays Amazon pricing and availability possibly showing this information on a single line. Notice how they have a check by the price apparently indicating free shipping for a particular item. I would also consider pulling the product image but wonder if it offers benefits over us choosing and harvesting the image we think best to display. Whatever the solution, it would need to be compliant with Amazon API Licensing Agreement. Later we would like to add buttons for similar products from countries that have their own Amazon stores.

We are interested in taking bids to build the following solution to to retrieve pricing, free shipping, availability information, and possibly product image in the form of: (a) a widget we can enter in the html code, or (b) a Concrete5 Add-on. Please submit your bid to complete this job if you are interested in helping us out.

Please see attachment for relevant links for each point made above.

James Grifing

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c5freelancer replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi James

I have sent you a personal msg. Please go through it and i am expecting your reply.

C5 Freelancer
C5devScott replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello James,

I am interested. Experience : 5+ Years. Please check your Private message box.
Add me on Skype: cis.scott for more discussion.

I will be glad to assist you.

Best regards,
Scott W.
ExRxNet replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for all your responses, many of whom have written me directly. Several of you had questions about what we were trying to accomplish with this add-on solution. Instead of writing everyone individually I thought it would be more efficient to elaborate on our original job post here.

We do not and will not use the e-commerce solution. We do manually categorize and curate the products ourselves. It is important we have each product on their respective pages. This is because we use the thumbnail add-on to pull the image from each page and display related products on a page list stack on the sidebar of our content pages according to topic. This addresses a problem we had with our old site – up to 50,000 unique visitors per day but few interaction with our store. Now our visitors will be forced to look at the related products if they want to consume our content ;-)

I am guessing now we cannot expect the thumbnail add-on to pull the image from the product page if the image is actually being pulled from the Amazon API and not the File Manager. So it appears we should scrap the ideal of pulling the image from Amazon. We we will continue to chose the best image and insert it manually as we have already prepared for our initial debut.

This means will only need a way to pull the price and display it either within a content block (eg: inline html ebbed) or between content block as a separate block. It would be nice to also display the availability and if free shipping is offered, but I’m not sure if the Amazon API allows for this information to be automatically displayed. I’m wondering if the check mark seen on Canopy.co was manually entered since free shipping does not change often.

The challenge with an ad-on approach is that I’m not sure how I can enter the code that appears inline from inside a content block. See sample page:http://exrx.net/concrete/AmazonStore/DietNutrition/100PureWheyProte...

I suppose we could have a content block before displaying some basic info, then the price block, then another content block with the remaining product information, but in any case, I would need ideas from our developer (who ever we hire) and mockups to see what would look best. I’m guessing the alternative might be a string of html code we cam ebbed it inline within the html view of a content block where we want to price to appear.

Being we will be displaying prices item by item with each product residing its own page, I’m not sure if the xml approach would work well. We would be entering the product ID on the block or embed code from their respective blocks within each page. If it were an Add-on, our affiliate IDs and key could be entered in an admin page. If the solution were an html embed code, perhaps that information too in addition to the product code could be reentered for every separate embed code.

The other issue we have to determine is how the Amazon API displays price ranges for different options (color, size, quantity packaging, etc)


I'll continue to engage with those that have contacted me until I find a developer I think that could pull off this solution for a reasonable price.