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We are building a website that will contain lots of projects (pages with atributes). As an extra the customer would like to have an extended search capability to find a project quickly. This will be part of the website. Though only certain loggedin users will be able to view this section. Guests will also be able to view the projects with a filter, but this one will be much smaller and with fixed fields. For now I 'd like to leave this out of a quote.

There should be 2 pages/templates. One that only contains all the search abilities. Second a page that will display:
earlier selected search values
Also on adjust the result will change directly (liveview)
A results list
And the actual information.
Rertuning from this page back to the first search page will keep all selected values on.

There are probably lots of ways to accomplish this. I'm thinking Ajax but open for other suggestions.
Html template will be provided. The project pages themselves don't need to be included in the quote.

Search will contain:

Quick search field
Field that searches in all attributes

Multiple fixed search attributes:
Year project start
Year project realized
Between amount search1
Between amount search2

Dynamic search attributes
Values can be a hard values; has to have this value or dont display.
Values can be soft values; a project MAY contain this.
This might be hard to realize, in that case I would suggest just quoting for hard values.
And more.. For example, all attibutes within the categorie project attributes (containing, buildingtype, BIM, etc.) should displayed.

Reset button

Please provide me with a quote to realize this and a timetable on when this can be realized.
For more questions please don't hesitate to contact.

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Hi - Would something like this be of any assistance?