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I have a forum add-on and was looking to tweak some of the elements.
Specifically, change the word Avatar to Profile Picture and add text to the screen that captures the profile picture.

I have already worked with a developer to have emails sent to new users when their profile has been accepted. I would like to add the ability to be alerted if the emails fail to deliver.

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jmonroe replied on at Permalink Reply
Which forum add-on is it that you are working with? I am sure it can be replaced in the code but will also need to be changed in the database (field name in table) and any references that use the former word you want to replace.
ccowper replied on at Permalink Reply
I am using Enhanced User List -
jmonroe replied on at Permalink Reply
Since you paid $49 for this add-on...have you by chance asked the developers of the add-on if they have a quick resolution? Just curious as to what they may say.

I don't have a copy of this add-on to work with so I really cannot say for sure.