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I am looking to pay a freelance Concrete5 developer to help on one of my clients sites. The current website is:

We are looking to rethink the enrollment forms. If you look through the business and residential enrollment sections, you will see there are around 30 unique forms. There is alot of redundant fileds on each individual form, and we are looking to consolodate the forms and reduce the overall amount of forms down to one ore two. This will make it easier to update and manage.

I have some ideas on selecting options on the form itself rather than selecting options through the navigation and providing a dedicated form. I am also open to other solutions.

I am not a form expert so I am looking for help. The timeline is tight so please contact me asap if you can help.


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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello jlines41

After taking a look at your site. In my opinion, you need to rethink what information you want to collect from the user, how you want to manage that info and a more user friendly form layout. Simplifying your navigational menu structure with a new site map would also help tremendously.

I would be more then happy to have a conversation with your about project and see If I can be of help. Please go to my website address below and leave your contact information in the contact me section.


Wayne Stewart: Web Designer & Developer
Web Address:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 301-395-9058
DaveLorry replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, Jim,

Please email me your requirement list at [email protected]

jnan replied on at Permalink Reply

I can surely help you with the same.

Please check you PM.

Anna J
promoiz replied on at Permalink Reply

I can help you in that, kindly skype me at creative.mirza21 for further discussion.

Kind regards