Have you debugged a blog glitch in C5 before? We want to hire you to fix ours.

We're using template Vedana, is 5.7.3+, programmed in C5. After launching the site in January, I was able to create new blog pages for a few weeks. Then, all of a sudden, when clicking on "New Blog Page," the site started timing out. Here's what I know:
~ All other pages are still updatable
~ My server host increased the time out settings, but that didn't work
~ When I try to edit an existing blog page, I also get timed out.
~ I've tried creating new Blog Pages several different ways, and they all time out.

I'm attaching a screen grab of the time out error message.

Interested applicants should be certified in C5 and have references available. Thanks much!

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C5devScott replied on at Permalink Reply

I am an Experienced C5 developer.
I have just sent you a Personal Message, kindly find it.
I would be happy to assist you.

Kind regards,
Scott Walter