Help finding lost files

We're a small non-profit with a site that was built on HostMonster several years ago. We weren't diligent about keeping C5 version current. With recent PHP updates, both the site and our C5 Dashboard stopped working. HostMonster helped update to C5 5.6.4. Dashboard is now working, but not displaying content. I need help locating the existing content, mostly text (event dates/descriptions, how to make blankets, etc.) I see a lot of images in the public_html/files folder, but no text content.

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suspendedbelieft replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there - I am at a similar position with my own site (trying to find files from an unpublished version of a page I was working on if anyone knows where these are located) so I'm going to follow this discussion to see what comes.

I wanted to let you know that has been saving me quite a bit with my lost content. While the Wayback Machine there may not have a version of every page from your site, you may be able to at least copy & paste some of your content by exploring the old captures of your site.

Good luck to you with your rebuild!
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
If you go to the site map and at the top right select show system pages it will show a drafts folder. You can then look in there or your trash.
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
I helped them get the site back up and running.

It looks like the host had tried to do a fresh install of C5 on the old DB and wiped it out.

We asked the host for a DB back up and files, I downloaded them to my hosting on PHP5.6 and updated the site to C5.6.4.0 before reloading it back on to there servers running php7.3.

It is now all working. More than happy to help anyone else with this situation
jptebf replied on at Permalink Reply
TMDesigns was super helpful getting this issue resolved.