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I'm looking for someone to take a look at errors in the pro blog area of, I've flagged these up with our dev many times but they are still ongoing so need another pair of eyes to check this out and provide explanation. I am not a developer and cannot explain this in coding terms!

Main Error:
When going back in to a blog to make further edits > pen icon > edit block - all of the content within the block is no longer visible in edit mode so no further edits can be made and if you click save changes it saves over the entire blog content and deletes everything.

Really buggy in attributes/ composer sections also, if you go into composer and change anything there and click save it tends to delete all the content from your post also.

When site first went love a few months back versions used to work so if anything went wrong you could go into versions and restore an older version, now all versions of the blog show as empty- only the title appears- no content.

I really need someone to tell me what the actual issue is with this as I've had no luck and we're wasting a lot of time having to re-write blogs that have been deleted!
This could very easily turn into a lot more work ongoing as need development support urgently.

When replying please state if you've encountered this issue before and/ or what you think might be going wrong, it will help me choose someone I think knows what they're doing!!

Thanks all!

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victorcis replied on at Permalink Reply

I can help you sent you a PM, Please write me an email at [email protected] and add me over S k y p e : cis.victor1

PixelFields replied on at Permalink Reply
I've sent you a PM