JOB COMPLETED: I need help sorting out a javascript conflict, will pay

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I have built up a theme on Canvas 6 HTML theme on Bootstrap 4 here, on the latest C5 v8.

Everything is groovy, except "Add Layout" does not work. If I add a layout to an area, the blue spinner bar never finishes, the add layout UI never renders completely, and in the Inspector console I find this: TypeError: undefined is not a function (near '...a.widget...'), and that is pointing into the jquery file. I have not found anything else in the site or backend that does not work.

I have built at least a couple dozen C5 sites from back in 5.4 days, and several on v8, and I did another Bootstrap 4 one from a different HTML theme that works correctly. Self-taught web guy, I never learned to debug code.

I've checked all the normal gotchas I can think of, I'm not running two Jquery's for instance.

I can share access to the FTP and site.

This is a paid task.
Anyone interested?

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tduncandesign replied on at Permalink Reply
In my page_theme, I am providing the theme version of JQuery which is v 3.4.1, whereas C5 shipped with v1.12.2. But I'm using C5's jquery UI...

If I reverse this, so that I load C5's JQ, I get the add layout interface, but nothing on it works.

Also, I am loading BS3 for the layout grid... figured I'd just hack the classes if I could get Layout up and running...

public function registerAssets() {
            // we are loading the jquery provided by the theme -td
            $this->providesAsset('javascript', 'jquery');
            //I cut the jquery ui out of plugins.js in theme -td
            $this->requireAsset('javascript', 'jquery/ui');
protected $pThemeGridFrameworkHandle = 'bootstrap3';
fabianbitter replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
PM sent
tduncandesign replied on at Permalink Reply
For the record, fabianbitter did an expert job, quickly, for a fair price and gave me additional information I did not know about cleaning up my theme. Excellent outcome.
fabianbitter replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much for that review. Wish you the best. Fabian
joomdev1309 replied on at Permalink Reply
My friend Fabian, Your work is already awesome. You are the king of C5.
tduncandesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Lol, and how fortunate I was to have encountered Mr. Fabian, what a depth of knowledge he has. He also gave me a short lesson on Express objects, which I finally understand a bit about. And I finally learned to scope my CSS right, credits also to JohnTheFish's tut on that.

It was a good build, and thankfully I got stuck, or never would have known all this.
CisRay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Thomas,

I can help, please check your PM.

AntropyWebsites replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

We should be able to help with this, would you be able to drop us an email to get an estimate?
[email protected]

Kind regards,