ITES-2S subcontractor?

If you don't at least partially understand the title, this post probably isn't for you. We are seeking an ITES-2S contract through the Army CHESS system for labor category Web Designer or Web Software Developer. The task is to provide development and maintenance of an existing concrete5-based CMS. This is funded at a part-time level.

We are currently conducting market research to find out which ITES-2S contractors would be best to work with. I'm assuming they hire subcontractors to work on specific tasks. I'd rather know who has C5 experience on their side when we send the performance work statement out to bid.

So if you work with an ITES-2S contractor (you can't sign up to be a primary), please respond with the name of the organization you work with.

We cannot ask for people by name AFAIK, but we can specify capabilities.

-- This is my personal inquiry and I have no authority to agree to any obligation on behalf of the government --

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Ron1991 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hope you are doing well.

I would like to assist with that, please get in touch with me on Skype or email me in given details below.

Ron A.
Skype ID: cis.ron
Email: [email protected]
yfsneals replied on at Permalink Reply
Remember, if you don't show how you have experience with this kind of contract (ITES-2S) you are out of the scope of this message, and you probably won't get a response from me.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

Have you considered contacting the core team? I don't know if they are ITES-2S contractors but my understanding is they worked with the US army so they might be.

If you contact Franz Maruna he'll be able to tell you