jOB - Create C5 template with equivalent layout and functions to a simple Flash-based site

I am doing my best to learn C5 Development but need someone to speed up my process by creating a C5 template that can emulate the layout and functionality of this site

The key features I am after are:
Full bg image
Full bg image slideshow as a new feature for home page only - happy to pay for add-ons

Transparent bg block layers over background and under menu
White bg colour under main content

Menu - side by side Global and Local Menus as in current site

Header area to be alongside rhs Main content instead of above it - is that a big deal?

Main Content area on rhs as shown
I think I tried for Golden Mean in the positioning of Main to overall page layout in this design, but just using the equivalent proportions/measurements to the existing site is what I am after

Introduction of subtle background images as on current Contact page for pages that are not the Home page

Ability to change fonts easily for main content and menus

Current Credits page can become just another page with same layout as non-Home pages. Linked from footer area.

Any other requirements that are suggested by this layout that I am not picking up on

Please send me links to other sites you have created, an outline of your site creation methods/timeline and your payments schedule.
Payment options

Look forward to hearing from you

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hereNT replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't have availability to actually work on this project right now, but I believe that my Vegas addon will do the full screen background stuff you need:
travelLight replied on at Permalink Reply
Hallo. Thanks for your reply.
You have been my first contact on C5 forum and I appreciate it!
I will keep you in mind for further C5 projects but pressures have meant I have had to go with a local agency and use Silverstripe to get this sorted now. I was looking forward to using C5 on this one and have invested time in learning C5 and also creating lessons on how to use the Edit features for my client, but the actual project has been lagging too long and must now make a definitive move. Best wishes Lorraine
imJack replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, we saw your job posting

We are always looking to take on work and are interested in helping out with this project.

You can see my c5 work here:

We design in responsive format, within the foundation4 framework.
We also are just getting into marketplace work:

Let us know if you are interested and we will get right into this.

travelLight replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there
Thanks for you taking the time to read and consider my project. I have looked at your work and enjoyed seeing how a small agency in your part of the world finds its way. And the diversity and skill apparent in your projects. I really emjoyed your flaming font - nice touch! In this instance today I have had to go with a local agency who has experience closer to what I am looking for to keep my client happy as there has been too much lag time on this project. I am having to move to Silverstripe to do that. Hope to continue with C5 for other projects coming up. Will post again if I need help.
Best wishes with your agency and ongoing projects