jquery draggable - saving images position


I have begun work on a new c5 site whereby each user has their own image gallery. Within the gallery view, every image has the same class which has allowed me to make each image draggable and resizable using jquery ui. The images are made draggable and resizable when the user clicks the respective "enable" and "disable" buttons on their settings panel.

So far this is working great however I need to take it further....

Upon the "disable" / save button being clicked, I need to store the coordinates of each image per each user gallery so that they are loaded in the same position that they were last saved.
This is complicated by the fact that the user uploads the images and creates the gallery pages in the process. The only constant being the class of the images.

Is anyone able to accomplish this? And if so, can you provide a quote?


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drichards replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd like to discuss some more details of the project with you, which would help me give an accurate quote. Mind shooting me an email (dmrichards128 AT gmail dot com) and we can discuss further?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Some of the functionality you want (not the resizing) can be found in:

When combined with an uploader:

And then a custom template for List Files From Set as per