Large file Upload field for forms or custom package for large file Upload form

At you'll find a form to upload files and make your order. The form is from the old website and included in a concrete page. There are some problems with it, that's why we want a new one. As we're working with concrete5 now, it would be nice to have a dedicated c5 solution.
- up to 1gb per file to upload (no timeout etc, I already set my server to max post and upload size of 1g)
- adding multiple files at once (all files of one order needs to be in one folder at the server)
- upload 100 little files or one big, it all has to work ;)
- Visual feedback how much of each file is uploaded
- Mail to Lichtdrukkerij and to the sender when it's ready
It can be either a field type for the existing forms of c5 or a package/block type. The files doesn't necessarily need to be accessible by the c5 dashboard, we just download by ftp. But maybe you want to offer this as a package in the c5 store also, than that would be better for you I think...
You can try the script if you want to see how it works now, but please put test in each field, a real mail and a number in the field "aantal"
If you have any questions, please let me know. I looking forward for your offers.

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shotrox replied on at Permalink Reply
I sent a PM. Thank you.
c5freelancer replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey i have done similar kind of upload block before. Please see my message and reply soon.

C5Veteran replied on at Permalink Reply
Hope you are doing well.

Have sent you a PM.

Please check and let me know.

Let me know if you have any question/queries.

Best Regards
Aaron Lennon