Look to hire a developer: Concrete5.7.5 + Ajax

Hello everyone

I am looking to hire a developer expert with Concrete5.7.5 + Ajax,
to work on a few additional functionalities for this theme I've done:

Lazy4Site (a.k.a. Facelog):

The work is about pulling 1 or 2 blocks with global areas in it through Ajax.
I've posted something about it recently here:http://tinyurl.com/ptuk8j2

However there is certainly more to do than that and I can provide more details ..
I'm a developer myself, I've developed the theme so I'll help if and when necessary.

We'll talk about your price per hour / project
No problem

Kind Regards
Matteo Montanari

[p] intégrateur web front-end
[Skype] matteo.italinux

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