Looking for a C5 developer to work on multiple and on-going projects

Hi guys

I have used C5 for many years and believe it's the best system for me moving forwards. I run an agency where we build a new website for every client and will continue to manage and re-build their sites moving forwards too.

I'd like to work with a developer on an on-going basis - it wouldn't be full-time work from the get-go but is likely to build up to this relatively quickly if all goes well. However I do have the first couple of projects just about ready to start now.

I would be providing PSDs and would need you to look after the front-end code and the build into C5. There would also be the option to build out all the pages in the CMS from the content I provide but someone else could manage this.

A scalable solution is absolutely key for us - we build high-end sites and they need to look visually different, but I'd like to explore the new C5 multi-site solution and other options for re-usable code so that moving forwards we are able to knock sites out much more quickly once the foundations are set.

Site speed is a big factor in what we do so I would be looking to hit 90/10 on mobile on all sites. Having built many (probably 200!) sites in C5 I know this is doable, with a few possible workarounds needed.

If you're interested, I'd need someone who would be able to chat in the next few days with a view to starting work within a week or so, at the latest.

Please can you send me some examples of your projects in C5 where you have taken on a similar role to the above and we can take it from there.

Many thanks


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CisRay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi David,

I can help, PM sent please check.

Nancy1104 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi David,

Happy to chat further with you on this.

PM sent with further information. Please check and get back.

italinux replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello David,

I can help you,
Ihave sent you a private message.

deepvyas replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi David ,
I have good hands in designing.
Interested further to assist. Sent you PM