[Post Filled] Looking for someone to create/modify a page list template to include images based on attributes

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Hi folks,

I've got a deadline approaching and I'm overbooked with my time, so I'd like to get this task taken care of by someone else. I can handle the overall styling if need be, but need someone that can create two page list templates or modify the ones in Supermint 3 for me.

Current page list template includes three panels, each with an image, a title (with link) and some text. I need this to include icons from two different sets based on attributes chosen on the page, a price (also an attribute), and a list of countries. The icons have been created already and the attributes are on the page. Bonus points if we can allow the block to set the number of tiles to include and have them scroll with some arrows on each side.

The second template is much the same (as in the individual panels should look the same) but instead of three wide in a single row, it will be several rows listed with pagination that I can set at the page level ("Show XX tiles" "Show pagination").

If you are interested, please PM ONLY. Do not reply with a message here that you've sent me a PM. I get far too much email already and I will get notified of your PM anyway. Please include a link to a portfolio or links to some of your recent work, a bit about yourself, a rough estimate of what you charge (hourly rate, ballpark on the work, whatever works for you), and when you could have something for me to look at (I don't need this by tomorrow, but I don't have 3 weeks to get it implemented either).


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Thanks to all who responded. I have found somebody to assist me with this project and have sent responses to all that followed the instructions for being considered.