Looking for the next member of TeamTrivera!

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As the preeminent Digital Marketing agency in the upper Midwest, we have always prided ourselves in having our team made up exclusively of full-time internal employees. Despite the fact that we make it well known that have never outsourced or offshored, we recently had a backend Magento developer from the Ukraine contact us, offering to work remotely for us, exclusively and full-time. We took a chance on him, and he's been a rockstar!

His work quality and excellent attitude have convinced us to try to find someone just like him, but in this case, with Concrete5 backend dev skills.

Are you that person? As a contractor, you'll be offered 40 hours of work per week, paid electronically every Friday. Your tasks will be assigned and quality-checked by experienced Concrete5 developers here. And you'll be able to be regarded as a member of one of the best frontend and backend C5 development teams in the United States!

If you're interested, check us out at http://www.trivera.com and email us at [email protected] with your story, some examples of your work, and your desired rate for 40 hours of work per week.

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