Looking to Hire a c5 expert for: Theme source code review service - Facelog

Hello everyone

I really think I would very much like to get professional advices on how I coded my concrete5 theme which has been recently approved and allowed on sale on the marketplace here.

So what I am looking for is a private "theme review service" tuition by an expert here .. maybe PRB member?
And some good advice about good practice in general .. for the theme and the blocks within.

I put $500 budget on this.

I am planning to complete another theme and 3 add-ons coming up at some point soon.
So that's why I am looking to have professional review and get some good advices for better practice.

There's actually some specific issue I care about and it's detailed here:

Would anyone available?
Then just drop me a line and we'll talk about it

This is the theme:

I can provide login details for the theme online demo:
Admin Url: http://ivisionari.ga/login
Username: ivisionari
Password: fa889sJp

I can provide source code as well of course

Have a good day you all

Kind Regards
Matteo Montanari

[p] intégrateur web front-end
[e] [email protected]
[Skype] matteo.italinux

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