Migration of non-c5 site to c5

We are a business application software developer.

One of our new customers asked if we could also take over hosting and maintenance of their web site. We have used concrete 5 in the past, so I have installed c5, and uploaded all of their existing images, video's and pdf's.

I am looking for someone who can basically duplicate most of their existing site content.

That will be the starting point where additional changes can be made. The company is very small, only two employees, so we have to keep things pretty basic and routine. They may be able to take on the role of minor site changes. The current site ishttp://www.elpproducts.com which is not based on concrete 5.

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jennifer5 replied on at Permalink Reply

PM sent.

Jennifer J
PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
I am interested. I'll send a PM.