Need a concrete5 shop or freelancer in Brazil.

We have a large well known client that wants to build an Intranet for their division in Brazil.
They have an older system with about 8000 pages of content they don't know what to do with.
We already have the site design & theme built, and we can setup a compliant hosting environment for them. What they need is someone local to help with content population, training and just building out a great looking site out of the tools we have made and their legacy content.
This will consume a lot of time between now and December.

1) You have to speak Portuguese.
2) You have to be a legal entity a large business can work with in Brazil. Either a small web shop or a freelancer who has some experience with contracts and working with bigger companies.
3) It'd be handy if you knew Spanish, but not required.
4) You should be very comfortable with Concrete version 8.

They're ready to go, this is a slam dunk if you can meet the requirements above.

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ricardovigatti replied on at Permalink Reply
I have interest in this project. How can we proceed?
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
I just sent you a PM