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Hi there, I have built a simple site for our non-profit's fundraising launch using the Pixel 2 theme (Our main website was built inConcrete5 - I didn't build it - but do the maintenance and our web designer suggested Pixel 2 as a good way to go). I've got most of the content in place - the site is in maintenance mode at the moment and we'd like to have it up and running by mid-next week but there's a few things that are beyond my scope that I need help with. Looking for someone who can make these changes for me as I'm not a coder and it is beyond my capacity to get my head around this in such a short time frame.

The type of things I'm looking for help with is things like:

Whale Slider on home page- first slide looks fine in mobile preview - but other slides the image becomes tiny and big black bar underneath when viewed on mobile - looks OK in desktop view (have included screenshot).

I've set up a "news" section using the blog templates that will have the three latest ones show on the home page as per the killerwhalesoft template. I want the short description posts to appear on the home page template but not in the header area of the blog - can't figure out how to have it for home page but not show up in the header area on blog post page.

Set up a simple grid of equal size to show image, headline, three lines of text and be able to expand if there's more to read but otherwise uniform size - this is to show who our supporters are.

The capacity to add a grey content block that extends across the whole screen to break up sections on the home page - would like to keep most content there.

Change the Donate button on home page header so that it stands out from other buttons.

Change some text on sliders so that the white text can be bolded or change colour to be readable against pale image background.

How to add topic tags to news/blog posts. I've set up the topics but not sure how I can show the applicable topic tags at the bottom of the post.

This is my first time building a site in Concrete5 and I'm not a coder so I'm hoping this information is sufficient for you to get an idea of what we need. Apart from help with these things site is pretty much ready to go.

Please let me know if you can help and your rates. I've included a few screenshots to give you an idea.


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