Need some modifications to a theme

I need someone experienced with modifying theme layouts to help with a site.

I bought the Salix theme from Marketplace and I need some changes to the layout.
I need the banner image moving into the header, the logo to appear in the banner area and the menu below the banner. The menu should scroll until it reaches the top of the window and then stick to the top.

I will only be using two of the pages included with the theme - the home page and the full width page.

I have attached some screenshots of existing layout and how I need it to look.

I have tried doing this myself but not quite managing it. Please let me know if you have any availability this week.


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stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Allison

We would be more than happy to assist with further updating your concrete5 theme. If you are interested in our services please leave your contact information at our website or contact us directly at 301-395-9058.

Thank You

Stewart Design Agency (SDA) | Design, Build, Host SIMPLY
Wayne S. Stewart | Owner & Lead Designer/Developer
[email protected] | P: 301-395-9058 | twitter: @agency_stewart | linkedin: Stewart Design Agency
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
I have just PM'd you maybe we can chat in the morning if you are free?
AllisonFewtrell replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you to everyone that's responded to my request - but I'm already speaking to one developer about doing this work for me.

I'm amazed I got so many replies so quickly! It's very reassuring for the future and I will bear everyone in mind If I need help on any other projects.

Many thanks
WebigearDigital7 replied on at Permalink Reply
I am having 6+ Years of Experience in building Concrete5 Websites. I can help you out straight away. Kindly lemme know the requirements.. I can do this in a couple of minutes. Let me know so that I can start this task.