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Hey all,
I have been asked to pair a new page with a database, either connect directly or retrieve information via the API, I'll have a meeting today, 13/3 and will come up with more information later today.

Some background facts:
The desire is from the client, is that members will be able to book and rent products / machines, and these products are stored in an external database.
Members must be able to see the availability of the products, etc.

Today, there is a site built in the WP Not by me.
The page is connected to a Mobile App where you can manage your bookings and and user data

As one of the requirements is that even the mobile app to work together with this new page ..

Today there are a bunch of users who need to be transferred. to the new page.

More information will come during the day or tomorrow.

Questions on this?

Site to day is

Is there any interest in this job so PM me or monitor this post ..and then PM me

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emparel replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Fredrik,

You will find my PM in your inbox.

snatch71 replied on at Permalink Reply

Background: Today there are two databases, one for individuals and the other is for companys.
These should be merged into a database by us.

a link or db conection will be created to the database that provides access to predetermined portions of the database.

On the website it should be when you log in as a private person to come to the inventory list where you will see the availability of inventarieerna. You should then be able to book any of the furniture. You should also set a timeframe for how long you want to rent.

(As an optional calendar where you can easily have a glance over when products are available and also see what your price will depend on how long you rent etc etc)

It is to be done is to connect the external SQL database and press Tera tidy profit on the side.
It should also go to regestrera as a customer (private or corporate) where this information is connected and added to the database as a new customer, etc.

More important detail is that it should be possible to regestrera and that existing clients login is function.
It is the username that controls whether you are a corporate or not.
Corporate login fairly close information and function as a private person's rights.

more features
All products in the inventory list has barcodes which today are read by a sträckkodsläsare and if anyone even have the knowledge of how to read barcodes using a web interface so that it works with the database. ??

Today is also a mobile app that we gladly see that we can discard, and that's where the bar code reader comes in.
And Today the mobile app talking through an API which allows the customer to wait the few seconds it takes extra. (Yes yes the customers start to get spoiled)

It will be important that the site is mobile friendly and responsive

It will in future be possible to get some form of support