Non-Profit Database Ux Heavy Website Needs Clean-up, not Redesign

I'm the administrator of our website here at Minnesota Film and Television -- Minnesota's film commission. We worked with a large dev company for 2.5 years to redesign (overhaul) and upgrade our website. The new site is leaps and bounds ahead of our old one. We're not looking for a redesign. But certain specific improvements within the 2 databases and in some of the styling of the central site itself.

Looking for an independent freelance programmer **must be local to the Twin Cities, MN area** who's familiar with concrete five programming for our existing website (written in php). The site has two highly user interfaced databases with 2200 account holders -- and growing. So we need programming edits within an existing website to improve UX and also clean up some non-database issues.

We would like to contract for 5 or so hours a month (maybe a few more to start). Billable by month. Reliable and solid references are key. We've gotten burned a couple times before, so my supervisor demands impressive professional history.

I'm excited to make these changes so that our users can whip around this really good looking site more easily and also build support for our non-profit. I've learned a good deal as the sole admin of this site for 3 years as far as what our users run into and where small tweaks can help tighten the visual and improve functionality. But I'm no programmer. Looking forward to finding the right partnership and making the final leaps forward.

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