Nonprofit Graduate School Needs New Website (Southern California)

Hi Web Developer/Designer! We are a nonprofit graduate school looking to redesign our website. The current version is pretty terrible, built with MotoCMS. Check it out at

We need a new, modern and responsive website, with drag and drop editing features to help our in-house graphic designer make edits and changes. We've already started building the new Concrete5 site, the sitemap is already done and the color scheme is ready, but are having a hard time fully fleshing out the site. Our in-house designers are limited on time, so it might be best to hire a professional Concrete5 developer. Here are some more details about the new site:

• Hosting: godaddy
• CMS: Concrete5
• Theme: Stride57 (
• Menu Plugin: Mega Menu 5.7 (
• Sitemap & Content: Completed. Please refer to for page content.
--!Important: Under no circumstances are any pages and content to be deleted. They are there for accrediting and legal purposes, altering is not allowed.--
• Project Timeline: 3-5 weeks, or more, depending on your estimates.
• Compensation: Negotiable. Please provide a quote/estimate, and scope of work.

We are really looking for someone to help us complete our website, and willing to provide their design input for a fantastic and beautiful site worthy of a university. The ideal candidate would be located in Southern California, willing to meet, or teleconference, regularly and open to working with our in-house graphic designer.

I can provide more details in private, please contact Paul at [email protected] for more details. Thank you!

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