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Our current web site aberdeensubway.com is in need for a complete overhaul. The web site itself is very basic and we wish to keep it simple, but just brought into current standards utilizing SUBWAY new visual identity system. A basic About Us, Communities Page (Blog), Locations, Careers, Offers and a login in area for managers to access a private 'web store'. Also integration with social media platforms would be nice.

We have existing domains brittonsubway.com, grotonsubway.com, huronsubway.com, and mobridgesubway.com that also point to the website to different 'community pages'. Would like to possibly continue this or find a better way to handle this. Maybe a better way for SEO purposes?

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C5devScott replied on at Permalink Reply

I am an Experienced Web developer and will love to assist you.

Please contact me with your requirements at : [email protected]

Also you can join me on Skype: cis.scott

All details in your PM Box, kindly check it.

Thank you.
deepvyas replied on at Permalink Reply

I have check your post for detail mentioned and have 5+year's of experience can help you with current expectation.

Let me know your available time and I will do my best to accommodate it.

We can discuss further on skype - deepvyas71 or email - [email protected]

Please let me know your interest

Best Regards,
stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Would love to assist in your site redesign. I'm currently redesigning and building a C5 8.2 site for a client right now.

Old Site:http://www.bmc-llc.net/index2.htm...
New Test Site:http://staging.bmc-llc.net

I have over eleven years of experience designing and development web applications. Please contact me at http://www.waynesstewart.com, 301-395-9058 or [email protected] Thanks.