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Hi all,

Having major issues with page speed on my site. are there some general solutions that could help. I have a developer and when I ask him to make changes to improve page speed based on google page speed insights (or others) suggestions, he dismisses them and says its not possible without re-doing the site.

What can I do? I would appreciate any help or advice.


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c5freelancer replied on at Permalink Reply

Can you share me your website link. I can advice quickly. Thanks
pixelmargin replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi can you send me your website link? I can advice what's possible.


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Hi image , js Css and leverage browser cache things can be improved. So you have cPanel hosting ?
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't know your site or what version of C5 you are using but if your speed issues are concerning and Page Speed is giving you lots of red flags, it is safe to say there is most likely something that can be done without redoing the whole site.

As you have posted this to the job board are you looking to hire someone for this?

If you do, like c5freelancer said, providing your website address could allow you to get answers quickly.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
You dev could at least set browser caching and gzipping correctly.
He could also implement something so you don't have to load a 1.5Mb image, especially on mobile.

But more importantly, you should ask him if there's any reason why he doesn't update Concrete5. You have a really outdated version that came out years ago and there have been several bug and SECURITY fixes since then.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Having said so, as far as I'm concerned the website loads pretty fast and I am on a slow Adsl connexion
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
Not having a 1.82mb picture on the front page might help
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Try updating to version at least.

Try putting ALL scripts in the footer.

Try putting all font calls in a css file.

Add ‘Vary: Accept-Encoding’, ‘Last-modified’ or ‘ETag’ and resolve your site url’s ‘’ and ‘’ with a 301 in your .htaccess file. See more details at seositecheckup

Minimise redirects.

Dims are missing from images.

Try using online tools to isolate issues:

See attached modified image. Original 5.7MB, mod 241KB

Need more help?
pm me.
manup replied on at Permalink Reply
I will list some First aid in order.

1. Repair Database
2. Empty 'Logs' table.
3. Visit and run remove "Old Page versions" until you get complete message
4. Remove error_logs file from /public_html folder
6. Delete /files/cache folder
7. Clear C5 cache and visit home page and any inside page, then go back to home and inside page.
8. Optimise the web images so it loads faster.
9. Check Browser network tab from console (Inspect Element) and analyse the time taken for each resources.

+ more techniques,