project opportunity for developing a custom block for an independent elementary school

We are a single site independent elementary school using concrete5 (v5.7) to develop modules for teacher advancement and professional development (our motto is created by teachers, for teachers). Our latest module involves instructional techniques for reading. We are hoping to create a custom block (described below) that is interactive but we have no idea how complicated it would be to program or how long it might take to complete
something like this. So we are interested in getting a better idea of scope/costs, timelines, and availability for someone to complete this. If it falls within our budget and time frame guidelines, we would love to work with a developer on this mini project!

Description of Custom Block:
- On one side of the block is a number of student papers in the form of page/paper icons (prepopulated, static content)
- Each one of those page icons can be clicked on to be enlarged (think popup or lightbox type implementation) and then minimized again (presumably, users can't read the page content as an icon so would need to be enlarged)
- On the other side of the block are 3 or 4 containers (round circles or visual cantainers of some sort)
- As each teacher reads the student papers, they can drag those original icons into their corresponding container
- At the end of the exercise, the containers hold all of the student papers
- That's the general requirement for the block. Depending on how it's implemented, we may look at adding some bells and whistles that might make sense (sounds? hint bubbles? etc. but those aren't requirements at all)

Next Steps:
If you think that you might be interested in developing this module with us, we would love to hear from you. It would be helpful to hear about 1) You background/qualifications 2) Timeframe for completing this project (availability) 3) costs estimates for your work 4) questions you might have for us. If there is an opportunity for us to work on this together, we can connect offline to discuss the details a little more. Thanks for your consideration!

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I sent a PM. Thank you.
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Hey please check my message.
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Helpful hints for selecting a concrete5 developer
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I just sent a PM.
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Hope you are doing well.

Have sent you a PM.

Please check and let me know.

Let me know if you have any question/queries.

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