Rebuilding my website on the newer version 8

Franz Maruna, sent me the following message with regards to my website:

"Hi Neale,
You should be able to upgrade your site to which is the last version we're releasing in the 5.6.x branch. I would recommend taking a complete backup first and doing this soon because your current version does not work well with PHP version 7, and your web host is likely to upgrade PHP before long as version 6 is very much end of life.

Sadly I do not think that the multi-file uploader got swapped out in 5.6.4, so I'm afraid you'll be uploading files one at a time still.

Rebuilding your site in version 8 would get you onto a more modern version of our platform that will continue to have an update path. The new file manager in version 9 which will be released later this year is a joy to use. "

Does anyone have the skills to undertake this job, and what would be the costs?


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PixelFields replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Neale,

When Franz says 'rebuilding' he means starting over, from scratch - you don't have to have a new design, new copy, new pics etc. but everything going on the v8+ site will have to be built and populated.

So basically 90% of the people on this forum will be able to help! :)

As for costs, that all depends on the new website; how big it is, what it looks like, functionality, how much support you want, how much content you'll handle yourself etc.

If you can link to your existing website then people can quote based on just reproducing it in the new version but, if you're interested in a redesign, SEO etc. (and now would be the ideal time to do it) let us know that too.
nilo49 replied on at Permalink Reply
P.S. My website is
stewblack23 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Nilo49

We would be happy to help with updating your site to version 8. Just understand that it consists of basically build out a new website and importing all your current pictures and content. If your still interested in our services, feel free to leave your contact information at and we will contact you shortly.



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Wayne S. Stewart | Founder & Designer/Developer
[email protected] | 443-429-0494 | twitter: @agency_stewart | linkedin: Stewart Design Agency
indisbaltic replied on at Permalink Reply

PM Sent!
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello. I sent you a private message :)
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
Just to be clear, upgrading to 5.6.4 should take an hour or so if things are pretty standard in there and will be a good way to keep your site safe from the eventual PHP update that your web host will surely bring down.... it won't make multi-file upload behave (i don't think.)

Rebuilding on version 8 is effectively a new site, as others have said. This would be a design process and site build so days/weeks not hours.
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
For a fix for the v5.6 multi file uploader we've create a dropzone replacement available here: - hope that helps a little
Jenny0191 replied on at Permalink Reply

Would like to assist the requirement.

Can we have a discussion for the same?


nilo49 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for all the responses and taking time to post, apologies for not being able to get back to everyone, I've found someone who can do what I need. :)