Retain query parameters across redirects in Legacy C5

We have a client using the legacy version of C5 who wants to switch from using cookies to using query parameters for tracking site visitors from ad campaigns. For it to work, the parameters must be maintained in the page URLs as a visitor navigates their site.

For example, a user might enter the site at, then use the nav on that page to switch to the products page, at which point the URL should be

I've added some JavaScript that tacks the parameters onto any links on a page. That works, but whenever a C5-based redirect is encountered, the query parameters are dropped. So, for example, if the link in the landing page mentioned above was to an alternate page path for /products, say, then the ?source=mad-campaign is dropped and the user ends up at without the query parameters.

Alternate page path is just one of at least three types of redirects in their CMS. I think some may be custom add-ons.

I was hoping to fix it by setting a config parameter, but I don't see anything that easy. If this sounds like an easy thing to fix, I'd be interested in talking to you!

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victorcis replied on at Permalink Reply

PM Sent.

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Rather than query parameters, you could do your tracking in the user's session. Probably much simpler and cheaper to implement.
jonhill replied on at Permalink Reply
I am open minded, but our client is skeptical about trying other methods for integrating with their marketing automation tool. They've had problems in the past and settled on their current technique, which has proved to be reliable for them on their other websites.

Would you be open to an email discussion or phone call?
noogen replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree with JohntheFish. This is from experience of actually doing something similar here entirely in javascript:

It's a bit intrusive as it rewrite all the URL on your page with UTM tag like you wanted. Example: