Search index not indexing all content

So, i've got another strange issue.

I've got a site.
And i have added my content blocks in there using the main area.

Now, i have search on that site.
So, i indexed the page using the index job. (After setting the index whitelist to a blacklist).
I run the index job, and it indexed 238 pages.
Great!. Except, no....

The issue i'm encountering is that all pages are indexed. Except for the content fields.
That means, that only some pages have their main area's indexed.

The all have normal content blocks.

So, what might be the problem here?

running btw.


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companyou replied on at Permalink Reply
It does get even stranger.

When i edit and save the content block on the page, it does get indexed.

Also updated to (just to have the latest version of pre 5.7).
richgable replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you had any luck with this? I'm having the same issue.
companyou replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, it probably was an issue with copy and pasting word content.

Editing and saving the area's did solve it.