Startup custom Concrete5 technical+design work together with me

First off, I am a start up in midwest United States in the live event production industry. I am looking to hire someone who will *work with me* to create my website.

I am looking for hourly work on my site to work hand in hand with me and fill in the gaps.

Things that I can do:
-Write content (obviously)
-Provide you with assets like my logos, images
-Draft out static content pages in C5 and get the structure I want
-Manage my host, my files, uploads, settings, database et cetera.

What I need someone to do:
-Template modification
-Custom HTML containers, with colors, fancy layouts.
-Typography selection
-Products page with custom blocks and filters for finding what products I carry (more on that later)
-General design sense, especially if everything goes smoothly I might invent new work that will mostly be design based.

My Concrete5 Install (brand new, latest) is hosted at my website
The cats are temporary, it is a total work in progress and I just started a few days ago, scrapped it, started again, long story short: nothing there is forever, just experimentation. Also note that I have somehow managed to make my site load unbearably slowly... I promise you my host is not super slow, I am just not focusing on that right now!

I am heavily banking on the fact that a great web design (where I need help) and a touch of SEO (I do that part myself) combined with me updating my website and maintaining a blog regularly will drive new customers to me instead of my competition.

Some websites I like/don't like from companies like mine.
- Yuck. hard on my eyes. However luxe is a local company that deals with wedding clients, I deal with and plan to deal with more professional/b2b, so my website has different needs.
-I link here to their products page simply because I eventually want to do something like this, but may want to wait for concrete 5v7 to mature and let some of the data types features roll out. Overall this site is OK but doesn't do mobile, or actually look that great to me.
-YES YES YES. do it like that. Custom containers, blog component, big photos. Yes. Like that. That is what I am going for. Things I like about this page also: clear marketing, something I am trying to do Live! offers : Live events, AV Installation, and Creative services. for instance my company offers: Live events, System work (have to find a better name, since I only do upgrades as of now, not integration), Location recording, and creative service. I want to keep those categories clear and not dilute it up with the million and 1 things that I do.

Also, not strictly necessary, but if you do Logo design, and identity stuff (like business card and shirts and invoice headers) that would be a plus.

Finally, this is a job where I will have quite a bit of contact. I need to work with someone who is not quietly working alone for a week on the entire website, but someone where I can start working on something, maybe sketch it out on paper and send it over and have it fleshed out on the website. But also someone who can throw an idea at me and ask me if that is something I want.

If this sounds interesting please drop me a line!

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