Topic Lists stopped working

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Dear Experts,

in Topic Lists stopped working as attributes.
When I create a custom attribute of "Topic" type and try to connect it to an existing topic list I'm getting an error as follows:

You must specify a valid topic tree parent node ID and topic tree ID.

The error message applies both to a custom topic list I create and the standard topic list that comes with Elemental theme.

The error message disappears when I choose one of the topics listed under the tree.
But it means that I lose all the topic functionality as instead of a tree I'm getting nothing in the Composer...

Help and advice will be highly appreciated!

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
The 'Jobs' forum is for hiring a developer to solve your problem. If you are not looking to hire someone to fix this for you, I would suggest that you re-post the question in the regular forums in order to get advice from the community.
igrek replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you mhawke - I'm new to Concrete, I had no idea.
rge replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a known issue and has been asked before:

Fix can be found here but you need do it manually.
igrek replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi rge,

sorry I could not find the issue mentioned before - you are re-linking to the one I created.

It was not that I was unable to create a tree - I could not properly assign it to an attribute.
As much as I'm thankful for the fix - it did not work...

Thank you!
rge replied on at Permalink Reply
I did get it working. By editing the files mentioned on git:

You need to edit the minified version of topic.js as well. The options allowFolderSelection needs to be set to true.

The file can be found in:

Hope this helps
Also don't forget to disable Caching first. You can enable it later.
linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply

I run Concrete5.7.5.2, I followed this Howto:

and have a categories tree setup in my page attributes. But there's no way to select anything, the tree is just folders, there are no radio buttons or check boxes available.

So, I also did what this post says:

and added 'allowFolderSelection': true, to /concrete/attributes/topics/type_form.php. But nothing changed. I still don't have an option to select categories.

I checked , all changes are done in C5.7.5.2.

Is there any other work around?

Thank you.
linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply
Topics and Categories tree is confusing. Don't step on my rakes )))