Tweak Document Library / Calendar / Latest file blocks to do the following

Create a new user type called member. Members can create/edit/cancel/delete events and files without the standard C5 admin bar at the top. They do not have access to the back end.

1. new member enters site on pretty login page
2. Registration form has dropdown for areas

first name - text box
last name - text box
email address - email box
company - dropdown
other company - text box

3. Submission creates a new member
4. Admin is emailed notification of new member
5. Admin activates new member
6. On activation, member is emailed confirmation with login link
7. member logs in using pretty login form NOT C5 regular
8. member can see home page - block on the right shows the most recent 10 files uploaded since they logged in last


1. member can create/edit/cancel events
2. member can attach documents to the event - attached documents are also shown in the area allocated to the user.
3. member can invite users to the event
4. invited members are sent an outlook calendar invitation
5. members can respond. Confirmed / Refused / Tentative
6. if the event is cancelled, all attendees are emailed

Document library (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .png) 20mb max

1. member can upload/edit/delete documents in their allocated group area and HSPG meetings (all users) (remove “incoming” from current block).
2. Members can also select from the file manager
2. all members in the group are notified by email when a new file is uploaded + admin
3. members can edit all files in their allocated group area and save online.
4. Admin can edit all files, anywhere
5. member can define whether a document is public (to everyone) or private (just group) - like to have for later when the site is opened up
Would like to have if easy
1. Edit files inside concrete like google docs
2. Preview a file before committing
3. When someone is editing a file it refuses access from anyone else until it’s saved (Check in / check out)

Member profiles

1. profiles of all members can be viewed on one page with their information - I'll html this

Discussion forum

1. members can access as standard registered users

Quote on this please. I’ll also need a start date (ASAP!), estimate of time required and (barring no issues) a delivery date. Let me know if you have any questions.

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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
What version of Concrete is this for? 5.6 or 5.7?
DaveLorry replied on at Permalink Reply

Please let me know your convenient time so that we can discuss more on your requirement. Also kindly let me know the Concrete5 Version in which you are planning to create it.
rock0308 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Andy,

Please let me know best time to speak with you so that we can discuss your requirements in more details.

Estimated time I can give you after having complete discussion.

Please add me on Skype, My Skype id is cis.lisa

Looking forward for your reply.