Upgrade website to 5.6

My Concrete5 devs are too busy now. I need someone who could upgrade a concrete5 website from to [edit] 5.6 [/edit] There are some addons in use, some of which might not be compatible, see the list athttp://easycaptures.com/7004178518...
You will work with a copy of the site, local or on our server.

So the task comprises:
-upgrading the template and looking for any problem or inconsistencies
- upgrading the addons and if no upgrade is available, checking if there is a workaround.
- checking all pages to make sure they look like the pages on the current version
- making sure all backoffice features work the same (user roles) and cache /speed is correctly handled.

I need a global estimate for this. It's a non profit so we are not going to charge the client.
URL :http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/851/0619916264.png...

It's not an emergency, I'd like to be able to present them with the website once 7.5 is out, or a few weeks after. So you can work on that when you have time over the next month or so.

PM me if interested. Please provide Concrete5 track record. No newbie plz.

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not in a position to quote on this job but you might want to re-think your plans to upgrade all the way to 5.7 for a while. At this point almost all of the add-ons listed are incompatible with 5.7 and would take significant investment to re-write them all for 5.7. It would be much, much easier to upgrade to and wait a while for the developers to upgrade their add-ons to be compatible with 5.7.

Issues to consider with 5.7...
1) Version 5.7 hasn't officially been released yet and won't be stable for a while even after it's released.
2) There is no direct upgrade path from 5.6 -> 5.7. Sites will need to be re-created in 5.7 rather than simply upgraded from 5.6.
3) The UI for 5.7 is completely different than anything your client has seem and so it requires a significant investment in re-training your client.
witwag replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your comment, I thought about that as well but I see a couple problems with a non-direct upgrade.

- waiting for addons to be upgraded could take months if not years
- would be difficult to explain to a client that we upgraded to a version which is not up to date
- Upgrading to 5.6 would introduce many backoffice UI changes then they would have to change again when moving to 5.7.

I know 5.7 will not be stable right after the release which is why there's no real deadline, even December would be OK for install on production server.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you played around with 5.7?
witwag replied on at Permalink Reply
With earlier betas, yes; I could see the potential. My problem is that I can't leave the site as is,
they asked me if we could move it to Wordpress because they want something faster and better, they see the current version they use is out of date but like I said, if we upgrade to 5.6 they have to re-learn many things and then again.
But maybe you are right. We could upgrade to 5.6 only....
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
IMHO, there is no compelling FUNCTIONAL reason to upgrade to 5.7. I don't believe it introduces anything earth-shattering that you can't already do with 5.6. I would think that the client would be happy for a couple of years at 5.6 but that's just my opinion. You are a seasoned developer so you can make your own informed decision,.
Job replied on at Permalink Reply
I have to agree with mhawke on this one - there isn't even a marketplace for 5.7 yet, so none of the addons you use support 5.7.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
As per @mhawke and @job.

Looking at the list of addons (and because you have designer content, presumably custom blocks and templates) there is no point trying to upgrade this site to 5.7 unless you have a similar budget to that of a fresh development and more. Even then I wouldn't commit to such an upgrade for at least a few months while 5.7 settles down and key addons are updated.

On the other hand, upgrading to the latest 5.6 variant is entirely feasible, is unlikely to be prohibitively expensive and should provide speed benefits.

While the 5.6.x dashboard is different, there are addons that simulate the 5.4.x dashboard, thus easing the transition for your customer.

5.6 has committed long term support ( is currently a release candidate). If a component of your site does not have a 5.6.x compatible update, it will not be unrealistic to make a custom upgrade to that component.

So re-position your requirement for 5.6 and you will no doubt get some developers to provide an achievable quote.

Anyone quoting for a 5.7 update at this point in time is either an exceptional concrete5 genius or full of .....
witwag replied on at Permalink Reply
Ha, JohnTheFish your last line summarize the whole thing. Ok you guys are right.
mkly replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi @witwag and anyone else who is thinking about 5.7 upgrades for sites currently deployed. I'm working on a few things with upgrading to 5.7. I'm short on time for the next couple weeks, but get in touch via pm or email me(website in my profile) if you want to be notified about when some of those things start happening.