[URGENT] Fix issue after moving website


We have a website that we currenttly moved to a staging server.

On this new server we have an issues, when we edit a page and add a block, after the edit is published the edit bar disapear and it's impossible to edit again the page.

I have seen on the console the following error :

Uncaught ReferenceError: ccm_menuInit is not defined

I am looking for an expert that can help us fix this very quickly.

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shotrox replied on at Permalink Reply

I am happy to fix this for you. What version of concrete5 are you running?
The error indicates a missing javascript class.

Please get in touch on phone or email or reply here.

Thank you

Alexander Schottky
818 216 2428
[email protected]
ydhouib replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I finaly found out why. In the new server the GD library wasn't installed making the website crash without any log

So anyway thanks shotrox for you offer